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Six Preventive Tips for Burglaries

In the case of a theft-related loss, homeowners insurance can protect you and your family. What's better, however, than being reimbursed after the fact? Taking a few easy precautions to avoid a break-in in the first place!

  1. Keep your lawn in good shape. Although it may appear unrelated, the appearance of your yard, particularly the areas around your windows, can either attract or repel criminals. Consider this: if your landscape is overgrown, it may appear that no one is home or checking on it, making it an ideal target for someone looking to break in and out without being discovered.

  2. Install safety precautions. While a complete security system may be prohibitively expensive, installing motion-sensing lights outside is rather straightforward. You're more likely to scare someone away by illuminating the area and bringing attention to them. Outdoor security cameras with motion detection are also reasonably priced for a DIYer.

  3. Lock up. There isn't a simpler step than this. When you are not at home—or even if you are preoccupied outside—make sure your windows and doors, sheds, garages, and other structures are locked. Someone can seize and flee in a matter of minutes. Don't make it any easy for them by leaving the door open. Also, if cars are parked outside overnight, make sure the windows and doors are closed and locked.

  4. Put valuables away. Keep valuable things such as grills, lawnmowers, and bicycles locked up in a garage or shed.

  5. Get to know your surroundings. Knowing who lives in your community is another simple security step. If you notice a suspicious car or person in the vicinity, notify your neighbors and gather as much information as possible in case something unpleasant happens. It's more safer to have a nearby buddy keep a backup key than it is to hide one beneath a fake rock in the front yard.

  6. Don't give out too much information. With the prevalence of social media, this one may be more difficult for some than others. Make sure you're not advertising your home when it's vacant. While it is always tempting to share holiday images on social media, it is wiser to do so once you have returned home. You never know who has access to your belongings. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Don't jeopardize your safety and security. Follow these strategies to help prevent burglary in your home and property. Do you have any advice to offer?



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